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Vets Corner This area is designated to the health and welfare of our pets.

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Old 10-19-1999, 04:41 AM
Not Gaining Weight

I have a 20 month old male Rott. He eats alot and is very energetic. But seems too skinny. What do I do? Also, I don't have plans to breed him, but you never know. Is it better to neuter him, or not?

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Old 10-19-1999, 08:51 AM
Join Date: Apr 1999

First I would take a fresh stool sample to the vet and have it and the dog examined. There could be a problem with worms. Also, talk with your vet about the food you should be feeding your baby. Some just have fillers and no nutrients. If you search or browse through the the nutrition an grooming section, there are many discussions on the good foods out there. Check them out.

Second, around here there are a lot of different opinions about the neutering deal. In my opinion, (which is worth watever you want it to be), I believe in spaying or neutering my animals like Bob Barker keep the pet population down. I don't intend on every breeding my babies. My girl right now was spayed by the rescue organinzation we got her from. Although they spayed her WAY to young, we would've done it after her first heat anyway.

Good luck on you decision and keep coming back. There is a lot of helpful information here.

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Old 10-19-1999, 09:37 AM
Join Date: May 1999
I posted on the same sort of question you had as well. So I will cut and past that here too.

First of all, what makes you think he is skinny? I mean, are his ribs showing? Are his hip bones sticking out?

Have you taken him to the vet to check if your veterinarian thinks he is too thin?
Also to rule out that there are no parisites causing him not to gain weight?

Have you had him weighed? Measured? to see how tall he is in conjunction to his weight.

Measure him from the floor to the withers and give us a height. should average from 24-27 inches. Then weigh him. If you cant do this your self you can ask your vet to do it for you when he gets checked out.

To help ya out we would need alot more info.

I love the way you put that about your oppinion to neuter/spay: Well said!

I agree, if you do not plan to breed him, or if he is not breeding quality 'keep in mind there are very few that "ARE" breeding quality', and it is also Very expensive to have all the tests run ie: hip,elbow, eye, heart certifications before you decide to breed. Mine are spayed/neutered as well.

At 20 months he has developed fully, and I can see no detriment by neutering him at this time. Flip side to that is, Are you having problems with him wanting to wander or stray? If so then neutering would definately be beneficial for your dog.
Are you having aggression problems, many time associated with having an intact male?
Neutering can help with this, but it is not a quick or 100% fix.

Hope that helps you.


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Old 10-19-1999, 01:18 PM
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Join Date: Feb 1999
Location: Texas
I had a young male that was not gaining weight properly. I checked his stool and turns out he had tapeworms. Next time your boy has a bowel movement examine his stool. Does it have little white rice looking things in it? If he does that means he has tapeworms. If you can guess his approximate weight then you can go to the vet and pick up some tapeworm pills. Tapeworms are usually indicative of a flea problem. If your boy does have fleas (and I'm not saying he does) then you need to get the fleas off of him, or he'll get tapeworms again. (They get tapeworms by ingesting fleas who are carrying the egss.)

If you don't see any segments, just use a Dixie cup or little plastic baggy to collect his stool, take it to the vet, and let them examine it. They should be able to tell you within a few minutes if he has worms.

BTW After Mo got rid of his tapeworms, he caught up to and surpassed his brothers and sisters in growth.

Rachel aka rottie_mama

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