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Puppy Development Regardless of the problem, lets put everything puppy releated here.

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Old 05-17-2010, 04:54 PM
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Question Nightmares??

Veda has been doing great adjusting to her new home and my older dog, Dixie, is finally figuring out how to play with a puppy rather than just ignoring her. We're working hard at the puppy training and she's doing well. But I do have one thing that's been bugging me...

When she falls asleep (even if it's just on the couch beside me for a few minutes) she screams, like a kid having nightmares. I'm aware that puppies often cry and wimper in their sleep as they dream, but this is much worse. It brought me out of a dead sleep the other night and I hit the floor running because it sounded as if she was hurt. I can hear these cries from the other side of the house even. The cries are something new, but she's always had a violent shaking that she does in her sleep (worse than the typical dreaming movement of the feet and such). The first time she did it, I feared it was a seizure, but when I put my hand on her, she woke up, startled but fine. This same thing applies with the crying.

When she's awake, she's just a normal, healthy, happy pup.

Has anyone else had problems with their pups having severe nightmares like this? Or could this be something more serious?
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Old 05-19-2010, 02:08 PM
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Re: Nightmares??

When I first got Max at 8 weeks he had nightmares anytime he dozed off... he would whimper and kick and move so violently that he would eventually wake himself up and look around all confused!

After about 1-2 months he stopped having nightmares, and now he sleeps completely comfortable... I attribute it to my calming friendly household :)
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