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Puppy Development Regardless of the problem, lets put everything puppy releated here.

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Old 04-14-2012, 12:28 PM
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My First Puppy Ace, and his status so far.

Hello everyone, Im surprised I didnt look for a forum to join before I got him, being a computer guy and all, but it just didnt cross my mind haha. Anyways, I have a 6 week old pup Ace, (7 weeks tomorrow) and im extremely happy with him so far :). He is very close to being potty trained, he knows the 2 areas hes supposed to use, and uses them 85% of the time, accidents do happen of course, but their mostly my fault, or the people watching him. He is healthy and active peiotically, but sleeps enough as well. He will sleep in his crate sometimes, but he likes harder surfaces (I keep a blanket in his crate). He does bite as well of course, but I have been correcting him 90% of the time.. only letting him nibble sometimes out of my love for him :), but since yesterday I have put my foot down in correcting him every time promptly and effectively, and stressed the importance to my roommates about consistency with him.

I had a question on what to do in this situation... I have him in his pen area, and he starts to wine and climb on the side etc... I know im not supposed to praise this behavior, but is it ok to play with him, or take him outside or anything when hes whining like this? sometimes he can go on for 10+ minutes.... thanks for your input.

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Old 04-15-2012, 06:33 AM
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Post Re: My First Puppy Ace, and his status so far.

Welcome to the forums. Too bad you did not find the forums before you got your puppy. Your puppy was far too young to leave his dam and littermates at 6 weeks of age. The two weeks longer that he needed to stay with them helps to teach puppies bite inhibition.

Your puppy may be very mouthy, and bitey, because he never learned how to deal with it. Start reading all of the stickies in the Puppy Development forum.

You should not be correcting a puppy,,,,but redirecting him to bite on a soft toy. Keep one in your pockets, and all around the house.

Start looking for an obedience class to enroll him into when he's had at least his second set of shots.


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Old 04-15-2012, 02:06 PM
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Re: My First Puppy Ace, and his status so far.

To answer your question about what to do when he whines in the pen, I suggest that you get a little ahead of the game and try to get him out BEFORE he starts whining. Not always doable, but the best way to handle it.

If you have the time to play with him, or are able to supervise him while doing something else (on the computer, watching TV, cooking...) try tethering him to your belt/waist instead of putting him in the pen. It will help him learn the rules faster while bonding with you even more. In a pen, he is not learning much but to self sooth (which is also important IMHO) but while out tethered he you are in a position to show him the way he is expected to live in your home and what the rules are.

But, back to the pen, if you KNOW he doesn't have to potty, isn't in pain, and has a toy or two to chew/play with, and you are unable to keep an eye on him, then DON'T go play with him when he whines. You are reinforcing that crying will get him out of the pen. But do keep in mind that he is little baby right now, an infant, and he need to be with you WAY more than he should ever be penned right now. And when you do crate/pen, be sure that he is potties, fed, and has something to distract him from his loneliness. And it helps to put him up when he is tired already and ready for a nap.
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Old 04-16-2012, 12:18 AM
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Re: My First Puppy Ace, and his status so far.

Thank you both for the response, and in reply to the first post, I rescued him from some terrible breeders ( I got him at 5 weeks old) who had all the litter-mates walking in their own excrements, outside in a dried out Jacuzzi, and always separated from their mom the day they weaned them onto ADULT dog food... So he is much better off living with me a little young, than staying in that hell hole to learn not to bite by example (Was not trying to insult you or come at you angry in any way for letting me know that he was too young).

And in regards to the second post, THANK you a lot for the info. I bought some light rope to train him "come" with, but he likes to chew on it... what would you recommend as a good tethering type rope? or is it ok to let him chew on it I guess.. since its not a leash.

I KNOW he is super young, and I do research a lot, and immediately read everything in the stickies once I looked up this forum, I also got a whole package on caring for puppies from my vet when I took him in (who also advised me to remove him from his litter in the first place). I am a very responsible owner, and like to be over educated in subjects of importance to me, like my puppy and his training. I read a lot about how important the socialization process is at his age, but there was just no avoiding getting him out of his past living situation, and I do plan to enroll him in puppy kindergarten (Thats what they call it at my vet) which will help him get his socialization, and the other puppies are all of the same vaccination level so its safe for him to be around them :).
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