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Breeding Just about anything related to breeding should go here. Please remember, litter announcements are fine, but puppies/dogs for sale, through posts or links, are strictly prohibited. The discussion of breeders is not permitted.

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Old 08-21-2002, 10:16 PM
stud fees?

first let me say i am just curious. i am not looking for a rottie stud. i just want to know what is common practice amongst rottweiler breeders.

for those that have a stud dog, what do you charge for a fee?
how is that price determined? and what is the cost of a puppy (usually)?

do any of you ship semen? if so, does the fee differ for using that method?

do any studs require a puppy back, rather then a fee? (im not looking for dog names)

thanks :)
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Old 08-22-2002, 01:32 PM
Sharon Marples's Avatar
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Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Hayden Lake, ID, USA
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I'll take a stab at this. There are many variables in your questions, and you will find that you could get a dozen different answers for each of those questions. As a breeder, I will answer your questions with the experience and information we have garnered from breeding to different stud dogs throughout the years. Our old stud dog passed away last year, we have not stood a dog at stud ourselves for about 4 years now. But we do breed out to different stud dogs at least once a year and I gather information from many stud dog owners each year so I will give you some answers based on the information we have gathered.

1. Fees for stud dogs range from $750 to $2000 (I have been quoted those prices over the last year). That price seems to be determined by the show record the stud dog has earned, the health certifications he carries and what his produce has done in the ring(s).

2. The cost of puppies run from $500 to $750 for a pet (which is required to be spayed/neutered) and $1000 - $2000 for a show quality animal (which are required to have all health certifications and show titles prior to being bred).

3. Most of the stud dog owners that we have contacted do ship chilled and/or have frozen semen available. The stud fee differs in that you (as the bitch owner) are usually charged for the shipping fee for the frozen semen and the collection/shipping fee for the chilled semen. Some owners have told us that they do not charge anything extra to collect and ship the chilled semen, they figure that is part of their stud fee. So there is a difference between some owners on that fact.

Remember too, when using frozen semen, many owners require that you use a special vet (reproduction specialist such as ISCB) to do the frozen semen surgical implant or they will not ship the frozen semen to you. And, many owners do not guarantee a return service or extra frozen semen for an additional breeding if the first breeding does not produce puppies. Progesterone testing is recommended for most all chilled semen or frozen semen breedings so you know the bitch is at the most opportune time for breeding when that semen is shipped to you.

Some stud dog owners will take a puppy back in lieu of the stud fee. This of course usually depends on the pedigree of the bitch, her prior production record, her show record and the fact that she has all health certifications. Many of the stud dog owners will want a linebreeding pedigree, some will just go based on the merits of the bitch and what she looks like. Most of the time you will find that they will ask for the stud fee and if a puppy is born that really catches their eye, then they will complete a purchase at that point in time.

If you are making plans to breed your bitch in the future, please be sure that she has all health certifications (hips, heart, eyes, elbows) and that she has "earned" the right to be bred by earning a title or titles in some venue of competition. She should adhere to the ARC breed standard and have no disqualifying faults as listed under the ARC breed standard. Temperament must be excellent and she should be in good physical and mental shape. It is something that you should think long and hard about before you enter into the world of breeding. Make sure that you have homes lined out for several puppies prior to breeding, make sure that you sell all puppies on contracts with spay/neuter clauses in them. The stud dog you choose should also be titled, have all health certifications and have an excellent temperament. Be sure to use a stud dog owned by a person who is a member of one of the Code of Ethics clubs.

Hope this helps, if I can answer any other questions, please feel free to PM me.

Sharon Marples
Sharon Marples ~ Von Marc Rottweilers
North Idaho
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Old 08-22-2002, 06:17 PM
Join Date: Oct 1998
Sharon, I don't have much to add to your marvelously informative and easy to understand post on this topic.

I just wanted to say that I have a young dog who is as yet unproven. He has a bitch coming to him after the first of this year. I am going to take a puppy in lieu of a fee because of several reasons.

1) Of course I want one of his puppies! :D

2) since he is unproven, I think this is much better for the bitch owner than being out of pocket a certain amount

This gives me and others a chance to see what his litter looks like before I make the decision to use him again. Of course, one litter is not going to tell so very much, but those are my thoughts on the subject.

As I said, a paltry addition to Sharon's excellent commentary on the subject.

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Old 08-23-2002, 07:00 AM
thank you both.

i was hoping for more replies to get a better idea, but thank you sharon. your posts are always exactly what i want to know :)

no plans for breeding any of my girls :) however i am showing my male bully, and would like to breed him one day. he's such a great guy LOL. of course i would never breed unless he was clear in his health certifications (although...that is not something most breeders will do anyway) :( and i'm working hard trying to finish him!! :) don't think hes a good sch prospect. HAHA...can you imagine. silly bulldogs.

stud service with bulldogs, is generally 500. most ALL are AI or implanted. i am on a list that was recently talking about stud fees in other breeds, and they said that it is usually the price of a puppy, and they were questioning why bulldog fees were so low. now, bulldogs can cost quite the i was just wondering if what they were saying was true. i purchased my rottie from a BYB, so i don't really know what the price of a well bred dog is.

anyway. thank you very much, and i have a few more questions.

in stud contract, is it acceptable to put that ALL pets must be sold on limited reg/spay neuter contract?

if you have someone interested in showing, and interested in a pup from you. do you co-own and watch the dog and see how it turns out?

how do you and the female owner decide if a pup has show potential...or is that ALL up to the females owner? (i'm just sticking with the show side...since working isnt really an option for the breed i am really wondering about) or do you never?

do any stud dogs offer guarantees for pups, or is that up to the females owner also? do you ever go into the puppy buyers contract together? do you have a say in the new puppy owners?

what are the things that you expect the stud dog/owner to offer you and your female?

do you keep in contact with all owners that have puppies from your dog?

question after question. sorry & thanks :)
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Old 08-23-2002, 01:17 PM
Sharon Marples's Avatar
Valued Member
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Hayden Lake, ID, USA
Images: 28
Hi Liz,
Here are some answers to your questions. Again, there are many different answers out there, each one would depend on the individual breeders' and their contracts, etc.

Many stud fees have nothing to do with the cost of the puppies. If a stud dog owner wants to trade the breeding for a payment it is usually because they want the bloodlines that the bitch can provide or for some other reason. Many breeders sell their show pups for $1000 - $2000 and that is where most of today's stud fees fall anyway.

You, as the stud dog owner, can put whatever you want in your stud contract. But, be aware, if you put the clause in there that ALL the pups have to be sold on a spay/neuter contract, how will you enforce that if you are not on the registration papers of the litter? You must be involved enough to know who the pups will all be sold to and that the owner of the bitch will follow through with this term of your contract. It can be done, but in my opinion, it would be hard to enforce on your part. If you do a lease on the bitch and actually fill out an AKC lease form that makes you one of the legal breeders of the litter then you will be required to sign all the registration application slips when they are given out with the new puppies and you can then make sure that they are all sold on a limited registration basis. Other than that, you will need to depend solely on the word of the bitch owner that they will make all new owners of the puppies spay or neuter them.

I have a question for you not think your dog or the bitch is capable of producing a show quality puppy? Why then would you want to make sure the entire litter is spayed or neutered? Why produce the puppies in the first place?

When we sell our show-potential puppies, they are sold on a co-ownership basis. We have used our show contract for many years and have never had a problem with our co-ownerships, mainly because we screen our puppy owners so carefully. The dog has requirements to obtain titles and all health clearances prior to us signing the dog off to the buyer or allowing it to be bred.

When we breed, WE, as the breeders, decide which puppies are pet quality and which ones are show quality. It is not something that the beginner breed enthusiast can do. We do temperament testing and critique the puppies at 7 1/2 weeks of age to determine which ones we will classify as show potential puppies. As a result of the temperament testing, we also choose which puppies go to which homes based on our interviews with prospective puppy clients. Temperament, lifestyle, personalities (of both the puppy and the new owners), what the new owners want to do with the puppy (obedience, agility, breed, nothing) are all taken into consideration in this choice. There is a lot that goes into the decision on where to place each puppy.

The stud dog owner does not have any guarantees to provide to the new puppy owners. That is the bitch owners responsibility since they are the ones selling the puppies under their own contracts. That is another issue, do not ever sell a puppy without a contract! :D

I think I've answered all your questions. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.
Sharon Marples ~ Von Marc Rottweilers
North Idaho
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Old 08-23-2002, 11:31 PM
thank you sharon for taking the time to answer my questions.

i meant all pet puppies sold with limited spay/neuter...not all puppies :) sorry bout that.

would love to hear more opinions...
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