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nypdog 06-29-2014 07:10 PM

New addition to the family
I have not been here for a long while. It is not because my interest has waned. Quite the opposite. I have had a lot of things happen in my life since December of last year until now. I was fired in January 31, from my job of 7 years, because the company moved to Arizona. I polished my resume, but no one is hiring. In tandem, I found out that my wife is pregnant and is due in November. I was stressed :mad:. Can't re-fi my house because it is not worth it to the banks :confused:. :smile: Today, I opened my own business and is working for myself. Of course, my wife and baby are okay. This leads me to my questions.

1. My wife told me that she heard that dogs can sense when a women is pregnant and become overly protective. She tells me that while I'm at work that GHUSS would sit next to her or bark at the neighbor if my wife talks to them. Is this true?

2. How would GHUSS reacts to the new born? Should I immediately introduce my baby or wait a while?

3. After the physical GHUSS weighs in at 135lbs? impossible?!. We run almost every morning and walk in the evening. He runs around my back yard with a stick or a ball in his mouth while we play tag. He is the most athletic dog, more than my neighbor's 98lb old German Sheppard. How can this be. The vet like to see him slim. As I told her he eats when he wants to. food is often left in the bowl. But he do drinks water like a horse. No human food, some treats, but never overwhelming.

4. In addition to play. GHUSS has become an offensive line backer of the New York Giants. He has gotten strong. With me it is ok when we wrestle and play tug-of-war with a rope. I make it a point to have him not to bite and sit when command. Many people in my family are not like me. They want to play but not how he wants to play. I stopped playing with him. At 3 years old and 135lb he is consider a adult and has to leave the innocent child hood by the waste side. Now, I just throw the ball and watch him catch it and bring it back. I no longer run after him and wrestle him to the ground to get the Frisbee or ball. Am I doing the right thing?

Great to be back!!!!:smile:

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