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Behavior Behavior problems, suggestions, support. Please use this forum for all behavior related posts.

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Old 12-18-2010, 06:19 PM
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Trying to introduce my Rottie to a cat

Due to some unfortunate circumstances we now have a cat in our house. I keep the cat blocked off in a separate part of the house. The cat grew up around three large dogs a german shepherd, rottweiler , and weimeniemer. The only interactions I have allowed so far is when I open the door and have a baby gate separating them. The rottie stares and shakes and begins to salivate. I tell her no make her sit and focus on me. I have also tried to put the cat in the dog kennel and have the dog smell from the outside and she begins to park and get super excited and I correct her. Is there anything else I should be doing or should I just keep doing what im doing. I read through the previous posts and havent seen anything on shaking and tensing up while looking at the cat. Is an e collar a approach I should consider?
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Old 12-19-2010, 06:23 AM
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Re: Trying to introduce my Rottie to a cat

If your dog gets super excited when she sees the cat, it might not be best to use an e collar--especially since it sounds as tho you only just got the cat and Kitty hasn't been in your house long enough for your dog to even begin to settle. I say this because your dog might get so wound up that she attacks Kitty, completely ignoring zaps.

Why not give the situation time? Keep Kitty separated from your dog as you're doing and not make a big deal of Kitty's presence. Given time, perhaps your dog will settle down.

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Old 12-19-2010, 08:00 AM
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Re: Trying to introduce my Rottie to a cat

You can also start teaching "Leave it". Dog looks at cat (try to catch this when she first looks that way, when she gets in quiver mode, it is a bit late), you say Leave it, show her the very special treat you have in your hand as you stand next to her, and, when she turns her head away from the cat to get the goodie, tell her Good leave it! and give her the treat.

Once she shows what a clever girl she is and won't look at the cat while you are next to her with the treats, step back a bit and see if she will pivot away from the cat (if she won't do 180 degrees, try for a 90 degree) to get to the treat.

Then just keep building on this. Once she will come back to you across the room, you go back to near the beginning with the treat not on you but in the room she and you are in where you can access it quickly. Get the treat, making it an entire party, when she turns away. Then build that to distance between you and she.

After she gets that, then you can start mixing up when she gets treats and when she gets praise.

You are just going to show her that YOU are way more exciting than any dumb ol' cat! VBG!
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Old 12-19-2010, 01:29 PM
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Re: Trying to introduce my Rottie to a cat

You don't put the cat in the dog kennel, you put the dog in the dog kennel/crate and let the dog view the cat's movements and watch very closely for behaviors from your dog? How old is your dog? Your dog needs to learn cat movements and become accustomed to them.

You should never rush something like this, there is no time limit per se. When your dog starts showing calm behaviors and a non-chalant type of attitude while in the crate, when you let them meet, leash your dog and use a muzzle for safety. I would never use an e collar for something like this.
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