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Old 11-21-2012, 11:26 AM
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Male whining at female in heat

Good morning all,

My 4yr non-rottie is in heat ( shes being spayed as soon as possible after this cycle... thank goodness!) and it's driving my male rottie (11months) insane.

we're doing our best to keep them apart from eachother, ie, baby gates, different rooms etc. as we DO NOT want any accidental pups. however no matter what he will not stop this high pitched whine in her direction. I've tried to wear him out by walking him, but it just seems like he's got more energy AFTER the walk than before and it never seems to stop unless i keep his haltie ( gentle lead for walking) on. Although this seems to make him stop whining, i think its unfair to him since he seems so sad with it on while in the house, and it shouldn't be a punishment, as he's just reacting to his natural instincts.

She has stopped bleeding, although its always fairly light, or shes just very clean, and she's not interested in him at all, but hes just obsessed with her and the constant whining is getting worse by the day ( its been close to 3 weeks now)

how long do typical heat cycles last for? how long do i need to keep them apart for to prevent any accidents( be it pups or a nasty fight) from happening?
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Old 11-21-2012, 11:43 AM
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Re: Male whining at female in heat

First of all baby gates are not a good idea to keep a motivated dog on one side. I do use baby gates, but they are the first of several barriers. I prefer solid doors.
Count on at least 4 weeks to be sure. After 4 weeks, give the girl a bath and then supervise! any interaction for another week. If you leave the room, so does one of the dogs. If you leave the house, both are separated. If all is good then you can go back to your normal routine.
Intact males will whine when there is a girl in heat. That is what they do. You can help lessen the smell of bitch in heat by giving the girl chlorophyll. Give enough so her poop is extremely green. Make sure that the boy can't see her. He may not be able to smell that she is in heat, but he can see that she is in heat.
I was able to go to a show last week with my bitch in heat and two intact boys in my van. I put plywood panels around her crate and I drove for 9 hours in peace. She was on chlorophyll. When I stopped to walk the dogs, the dog who was in the crate next to her, as soon as he saw her started whining. But after he couldn't see her, he was fine.
After she is done with her heat, don't get her spayed immediately. You need to wait at least 2 more months, preferably 2 1/2 months. Her body assumes she was bred and her body/hormones are working to support a litter. If you spay her in the middle of that, her hormones are gone and she will have a harder time adjusting to sudden menopause. Better to wait if you can.
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heat, whining

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